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Sunday, 27 October 2013

October Fest

Autumn is apparently well under way in Northern Europe but here in Morocco the weather is warm and sunny for the most part with little sign of change. The trees are mostly palms or citrus fruit so no leave turning brown either. Life on a boat means that for the most part we stay almost continually in summer but I do miss the changing seasons, the bright new greens of Spring and the rich hues of Autumn. So coming across pictures themed around October in Jewel School Friends latest blog hop inspired me to get a bit more in step with the season.

The colours in one particular photo reminded me of beads in my stash. It took a while to locate them, living on a boat means my bead boxes (all two of them) are tucked away on a bunk usually behind lots of other more useful stuff like charts and life jackets. The beads in question are large and have survived so long because I was not entirely certain how to string them or whether I could even wear them. I fell in love with their glittery shape like a magpie on a visit to a South African bead shop and they've been tucked away for several years, retrieved from time to time to wonder over but until now ideas which would set them off have failed to materialise.

Hand made clasp in brass wire
They are polished resin ovals containing stripes of sharp colour alternated with gold glitter so are not exactly subdued. Like bright colours of a Virginia Creeper these beads shout loudly for attention and deserved to have their season - the acid green, oranges, gold and brown entirely suit Autumn. A length of chestnut coloured leather thong, some gold coloured tiger wire together with a brass wire hook clasp made several months ago and a few other beads complete the ensemble. All that's need now is an occasion to wear it before the season draws to a close.

Autumn Jewels

Close up of the beads
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  1. Living on a boat? What an interesting life choice!!!
    The colors of the necklace are just perfect for the autumn and I'm sure they cheer up any outfit!

  2. Oh how pretty! and how perfect for this time of year! :) Love! jean

  3. Love those beads! Hope the weather changes just so you get a chance to wear it :) Christie

  4. Your necklace is very unique! I've never seen beads like that before. *lovely*

  5. Sigh! Living on a boat (a barge) has always been a bit of a dream for me. So I am a little bit envious. I really love your necklace. Those resin beads are beautiful and I love the way you've showed them off.

  6. What a great piece. I love these colors. I'm glad you gave such a detailed description because I saw polymer clay with grooves like from a shell impression that were highlighted with dark brown. I'm thankful you are so articulate. Otherwise I would not have seen half their beauty.

  7. I am glad you found your beads!!
    The necklace turned out very nice. You did a good job.

  8. Those beads are wonderful and they were just waiting for this moment to come out into the open. Great job and thanks for posting.

  9. I'm happy you were able to dig up those beautiful beads :-) I had to smile when reading your story... It's a perfect colour match, the picture and the necklace, have fun wearing it! That must be great in Morocco too...

  10. What pretty beads and what a wonderful fall set you made with them. They're lovely.

  11. Those beads remind me of candy. The way they hang reminds me of Christmas lights. I love both candy and Christmas lights. So colorful, bright and cheerful. Lovely! The necklace came out just perfectly. I'm glad you had time to dig them out of your two box stash. I can't even imagine culling my beads to two boxes, but your life on the move makes it necessary. I'm so excited to have found your blog. That's one of the things I love about these hops, finding new people. When I have more time I plan to explore not only this blog but also Wanderings. Sounds so interesting!

  12. I love it when the leaves are orange. My favorite color around my favorite holiday. Pretty pieces.

  13. So interesting how living on a boat would mean missing the seasons. I can see that will be the same for us when we move into the RV. I have never seen a bead like those that you used lovely piece, very interesting to know where the beads come from as well.

  14. Lovely beads and a lovely necklace!

  15. I love your necklace! The resin stones look like candy & are great colors for this blog hop! I like the way you wound the wire around the leather & love the clasp! Don't wait for an occasion -- "make" the occasion! Your creation is too pretty to leave in a drawer or in your case a bunk. :)