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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Very Chuffed.... find that my entry in the Make Jewellery Issue 25 challenge was the winning one!

I was inspired by the pearls and chain set that was part of the Match Point designs on p27 of the magazine, a gold chain and creamy pearl concoction.  I didn’t have quite the same ingredients in my stash but I did have some lovely soft mauve glass pearls and a length of antique-silver chain that I had already earmarked to put together for a smart day to evening necklace so the unusual, asymetric design in May's magazine was timely and the challenge the kick start needed to make it. Apologies for the rather overlit photograph below, defintely need to practise.

Here's what deputy Editor Melissa said about my efforts:

Hello everyone,
Once again we’re delighted to announce the winner of the Make Jewellery challenge, for issue 25! The main themes of vintage and steampunk inspired some fabulous entries, that were truly striking!
After much deliberation, we finally came to a decision, so it’s congratulations to bahrain susie with her lovely pearls and chain set inspired by the project Match Point in issue 25 (p27). She’s made the design her own by using antique silver chain and soft mauve pearls to create a look of understated elegance in keeping with the vintage theme. So congratulations (and PM your address to me at so we can send out your prize!).
I’d also like to thank everyone else who entered and don’t forget, we will be running another challenge based on issue 26 very shortly. Please do check it out and enter again, and spread the word to your fellow forumites - good luck!

If you'd like to see the other lovely entries then go here. Perhaps this post might inspire you to enter the next challenge (Issue 26) when its announced later this month. Meanwhile it'll be sometime before the cheesy grin is wiped off my face.