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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Necklace Mania Strikes!

Over the past few weeks whilst I've been in Texas I have not just been buying beads, I have created several necklaces too. All are completely different from each other and none really inspired by Austin or the Texan culture although some have included beads I've bought whilst I've been here. Perhaps I'll try and remedy that befoer I leave!

Here are some pictures sorry about the photography, finding suitable light and backgrounds in a hotel room was a challenge..
Making the catches a focal point. The coloured haematite ring was bought in Swanage, UK.
Inspired by a project in a magazine bought in Austin TX: Creative Jewellery 2010

Cherry Red - an assortment of red glass beads I had with
some huge spacers I found here in Austin
First attempt at a Floating Necklace - green glass lentils.

Pastel seeds with some focal silver rings bought in Texas,
again inspired by a project in Creative Jewellery 2010
These brown "Tiger Eyes" look lovely with the sea green and gold seeds

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